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The shows

Aerial pick-and-mix
19.30 15,16 and 17 July 2021

Luftartistik Festspiele Berlin showcases contemporary aerial art as well as at top athletic performance. 

Through our featured performers we are searching for critical artistic approaches to the issues of body, fitness, age, and gender. We want to explore the essence of aerial art and the choice of discipline as artistic forms of expression. 

Each show has a mixture of longer theatrical pieces and shorter circus acts, curated for your delight.

As part of the 'Summer of Performance' there are still more shows to enjoy:

22/23/24 July 19.30

Zirka Trollop von und mit Jana Korb und Anja Gessenhardt

Trapeze and Chinese Pole theatrical performance based on the works of Kafka

30/31 July 6/7 August 20.30

Schwarm by Grotest Maru

Theatrical stilts performance

Tickets available at:

or at the abend kasse

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 13.48.50.png

Thursday 15th July

Hosted by: Bartuschka

Moritz Haase – Trapeze

Paula Passaro – Aerial Hoop

Emma Laule – Rope and live music by Zikade

Anna Ehrenreich – Dance Trapeze

Michelle Natasha and Daniela Del Mar – Hair-Hanging

Kollektiv Gegengleich – Chinese Pole

Friday 16th July

Hosted by: Roc Roc it

Salt and Peppa, Munetsi Dauro und Anja Gessenhardt – Chinese Pole duo

Jana Korb – Trapeze Performance

Fuego Rojo – Rope and live music

Fifi Fantome – Aerial Hoop

Aerophilia – Love and Rage - Chinese Pole and Trapeze show

Saturday 17th July

Hosted by: PhiloCircus

Florian Bögner - Tasten - rope show

Shosha Lilienthal und Kaja Maljevic – 2 Gold... mit Flugrost

Gabriela Schwab Veloso – Aerial Theater Performance

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