Hey everybody!
Hey participants, artists, trainers, helpers and everybody else!

A year ago we started our big adventure, to organize a big Luftartistik Festspiele Berlin / Aerial Arts Festival Berlin in Berlin!
And this October we did it!

We had an
– opening gala with 6 acts and 9 artists and appr. 200 guests
– a welcome dinner for all of you with a team of wonderful crazy helpers
– 7 workshops per day on 4 days, that were (almost) absolutely booked out
– a 4-day flying class and a 2-day creative class, that were both full
– daily trainings with almost 100 participants
– talks about safety and history of aerial arts
– film screening of film about flying
– closing gala with 6 acts and 11 artists and appr. 250 guests


And all this with quite a small team of people organizing all of this!

We want to thank you all, for being part of this first of our adventures!
For being so generous and sharing and creating this amazing athmosphere and making this festival a wonderful one!

And we also want to thank our co-producers and supporters:

Maulhelden Büro with our patron Arnulf Rating
Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin
Institut Français
Wintergarten Varieté Berlin
Kleist Forum Frankfurt

It would not have been possible without you!

We are almost finished with the after work, almost finished with the calculations.
And in december we will decide within our association, how we will continue in the future!
With a festival every year, or every two years.
With more workshops or more shows.
Or etc. etc.

This is the biggest project, our association “Vuesch e.V. – Verein zur Überwindung der Schwerkraft” has ever organized within our adult sector so far! And we are grateful that it was so beautiful!

For our evaluation we would love, if you could take a few minutes of your time to fill out a survey that we designed. We would love to hear, if you have any comments or ideas, if you were unhappy at some point and why, or if everything was perfect for you! It would be a great help for us for future editions of the festival!

We have now created a facebook page of the festival, where we will communicate all future events, and where we also will share videos and fotos of this first edition. Please LIKE it and SHARE it, so people will get to know about us!

Thank you so much!
We hope to see you around, and are looking forward to jamming with you again!
Lots of love!

Jana, Daniel and Sabina
Vuesch e.V. – Verein zur Überwindung der Schwerkraft