Ben Brown – Aerial Hoop
Ben began his Circus career in 2010, first studying at the National Centre for Circus Arts in London, back when the institution was The Circus Space. 15 years of Gymnastics training brought Ben to London to start a 3 year BA Degree programme. Ben graduated in 2013 with the first ever Aerial Bungee Hoop act, and since has performed all over the globe.
In 2015 Ben was nominated for ‘Best Variety Act’ in the annual London Cabaret Awards.


Frank Kraft – Aerial Conditioning
Frank Kraft is a movement analyst and trainer (A Lizenz Fitnesstrainer für Leistungssport),  circus acrobat (partner acrobatics and trapeze) and has been a stunt rigger for theater productions in Denmark, Sweden, USA…
He was the founder of Shape Productions and of the – Katakomben – Center for Performing Arts, Berlin. In the last 5 years he was founder and head of contemporary circus line in MoT in Toftlund, DK.
Since January 2017 he works with French chiropractor Joan Montserrat. Together they founded the Berlin Movement Lab.


Gabriel Tramullas – Rope – The Aerial Movement
He dedicates his life to sport, and after 15 years of free climbing and obtaining several prizes along his career, he felt it was time to share his emotions and contribute a grain of sand in the aerial acrobatic world.
In 2006 he started taking courses and classes of aerial rope and straps in Spain, but in 2010 he decided to expand his knowledge, and for the following 4 years (2010-2013) he realized several trips to Montreal (Canada) in order to take private classes of rope and straps with the best teachers of National Circus School of Montreal (ENCM), adding a total of around 1.000 hours of technique, conditioning and educational exercises, creativity and movements on rope and straps.
In 2012 he creates the first part of his “Rope Act” trilogy: “7WW” (2012) “UFR” (2013) “REQUIEM” (2014)
During these years, he combined his trips to Montreal with some trips in Europe in order to train, learn, teach, and share his knowledge with other professionals.
Supervised for more than 8 years (2006-2014) by one of the most prestigious physical trainers of free climbing in Spain (Pedro Bergua), Gabriel applied this training to specific movements of rope and straps, creating a unique training system.
His career stands out more for his masterclass and workshops, teaching amateurs, professionals and teachers in many countries and schools around the world.
Regular teacher on rope and straps, during the Professional course in Gravity Circus Centre (London) in 2015, and in ACAPA “Fontys Academy for Circus and Performance Art” in 2016 and 2017; he is the founder of the “Rodellar Extreme Rope Meeting” running for 8 consecutive years since 2010, and “The Aerial Movement” in 2017 (a new systematic approach for aerial training, consisting of theory, practice and methodology, for aerial acrobatics and aerial calisthenics).


Oliver Smith-Wellnitz – Dance Trapeze
Oliver is an Australian-born, Canadian-educated circus artist currently based in Europe. A graduate of Ecole Nationale de Cirque de Montreal, he specializes in dance trapeze and hula hoops, but also has experience in aerial hoop, acrobatics, handstands, ballet, waacking and more. He has both performed and taught circus internationally for over ten years, and is looking forward to many more to come!


Stephanie N’Duhirahe and Morgane Widmer – Rope
Cie Pieds Perchés is a New Circus company performing in Switzerland, France and Czech Republic and was founded in 2009 by two Swiss artists, Morgane Widmer and Stéphanie N’Duhirahe. They have known each other since always. In their youth, they both discovered the circus arts in Switzerland, notably the aerial rope, which later became their favorite means of expression.
Their performances (Foutaise, 2010; The Weight of Emptiness, 2013/2016; Peas in a Pod, 2015) have been played in Italy, Switzerland, Canada, France, and Czech Republic.
In 2016 Stéphanie and Morgane created their new performance MUTE/ En sourdine.
They collaborated on stage with the musician Roman Džačár.
They presented this show for the first time on October 7th, 2016 in the Alfred ve dvoře theater. For this project the company was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the City of Prague, Cirqueon, the Swiss Embassy, KD Mlejn, DW7, Theater Divadlo na Cucky, Theater Divadlo Yarmat, and Motus/Alfred ve dvoře.

“We express our ideas through movement, props and various artistic disciplines, while focusing on pressing contemporary issues. We do not intend to moralize, rather, we approach our subjects with humor and irony.”


Tania Simili – Silks and Objects
Graduate of the circus school FLIC in Turin then the ESAC the superior circus school of Brussels, Tania Simili deepens her technique based on the marriage of two disciplines: the manipulation of a club and the aerial tissu. First she specialized in the air discipline. After diverse searches and creations, she felt the need to dash a new challenge.
The idea came to her to integrate a club into its number of aerial tissu, during a meeting with a juggler. Her work then concerned the coordination and the dissociation of the body to merge these two disciplines and to look for a fluidity there. She created her number SUMATI in association with the musician double bassist, Antonio Raspanti.
In January, 2014, she also founded Compagnie-To-Pia and worked on the realization of one of their first show “Interferences” presented in the form of working stage in various festivals (XS Festival, Courant d’Aire, Maison des Jonglages,..)
At present, she works with the company “Courant de Cirque” on a new creation: “Boutès 4.41” where the search for the aerial tissu and the club will go even deeper.