Talks, Discussions and Film Screening 2016

26th of October 2016
Aerial Safety
Risk has always been an essential part of the circus experience.
But two recent developments increase the risk potential of modern circus activities:

One is the integration of new technologies and materials.
The other is the numbers of circus performers both professional and amateur which have exploded worldwide during the last 20 years.

How can professional circus performers address these new challenges?

Andreas Bartl
Dipl. Artist and Rigger, together with Lisa Rinne he forms Circus Unartiq.

26th of October 2016
The Last Great Flyer
A film documentary about the Vazquez Brothers trapeze act by Phil Weyland – first time screening in Germany with an introduction by Steve Gossard
(in English)

The award winning feature length documentary film “The Last Great Circus Flyer” follows the career of trapeze performer Miguel Vazquez, arguably the greatest trapeze flyer in history.
In 1982, 17 year old Vazquez was performing with “The Flying Vazquez”, and achieved during a 1982 Ringling Bros. performance what was considered “Impossible”  – a quadruple somersault to the hands of a catcher (Miguel’s brother, Juan). Vazquez’s “Quad” was a premiere attraction of Ringling Bros. and the largest circuses in Europe until, in 1994, at the apex of his career, Vazquez unexpectedly quit flying.
Filmed over a 6 year period, the documentary also addresses the triumphs, dangers, fears and oftentimes tragedies of trapeze performers.
“The Last Great Circus Flyer” features some of the greatest flyers of the past and performances by current flyers from Ringling Bros., Cirque du Soleil and Circus Vargas. Past and present performers who are interviewed include Miguel Vazquez, Juan Vazquez, Patricia Vazquez, Rosa Vazquez, Tony Steele, Tito Gaona,  Josue Marinelli, Armando Farfan Jr., Terry Cavaretta,  Ammed Tuniziani and Richie Gaona. Circus historians interviewed include Steve Gossard, David Lewis Hammarstrom and Deborah Walk along with “Big Apple Circus” founder Paul Binder and “Circus Vargas” performer/host Jon Weiss.

Director: Philip Weyland
Executive Producers: Mark & Julie Charvat
Producer: Philip Weyland
USA 118 Min

27th of October 2016
Aerial Histories
Talks and discussions
(will be in English and German with English translation)

This evening is dedicated to the history and evolution of aerial arts. We have two incredibly knowledgeable circus historians from two sides of the world: Steve Gossard with a North-American focus and Gisela Winkler with a European perspective and Eastern German background.

Steve Gossard
Author of “A Reckless Era of Aerial Performance, the Evolution of Trapeze”, curator of Circus Collections at Milner Library, and past official historian for the Circus Fans of America.

Gisela Winkler
Author of “Von fliegenden Menschen und tanzenden Pferden: Die Geschichte der Artistik und des Zirkus” (History of Circus Arts) and “VON ABFALLER BIS ZWÖLFERZUG. Ein Wörterbuch der Artistik” (Dictionary of Circus Arts). Together with Dietmar Winkler she owns and curates one of the biggest private circus archives, Zirkusarchiv Winkler in Berlin.