Luftartistik Festspiele 2016

Cécile Mont-Reynaud
– Aerial Creation – Master Class

We will use dance-theater and contact-improvisation basics about weight, axis, intentions, directions, body qualities, to bring fluidity, easiness and joy in aerials. We will work technical fundamentals through these tools and games, then improvise and compose.

Cécile Mont-Reynaud is an aerial acrobat and dancer who has been working for 14 years on an original rig made of vertical strings. She developed on these multiple fine ropes movements on her own, using her experience in trapeze, rope, silks, tight rope, cloud swing and dance. She creates mixed circus shows within her company, Lunatic. She is also trained in BMC (Body Mind Centering / embodied anatomy).

Bring your own preferred aerial equipment to work on. Motivation letter should include your experience with aerial creation and an overview of your aerial creative work (does not have to be long…).

Nils Wollschläger and Jule Knaust
– Flying Trapeze Class
– Flying Trapeze Workshops

Flying, throwing your own body into the sky, catching, falling.
Flying trapeze combines many principles of other acrobatic and aerial skills. Combined with the dynamic of the swing it makes the blood rush a little quicker.
We will work on a petit volant (platform, trapeze, cradle) on the basic swing, passes and more advanced skills always depending on your personal skill level.
We put a lot of focus on partner/group work as well as on your individual skill. Besides flying, you learn a lot about falling and landing!
We will try changing the bounderies of our bodies and mind.

Besides the flying trapeze workshops (“drop in taster sessions”), where you get an idea what it is about, we will have an ongoing class to actually work on the skills. The times are wed+fri+sat 10-12h and thur 13-15h
Flyers, catchers and undetermined are warmly welcome.

Emiliano Ron
– Rope

Camilla Therese Karlsen
– Aerial Conditioning – CLASS IS FULLY BOOKED!

In this workshop we will:
– do exercises to improve shoulder stability
– have fun building strength and stamina, specific to aerial work, by using the 4 by 4 method of interval training
– look at how you can plan your training to stay in shape while performing/on tour.
Be prepared to work hard!

Camilla Therese Karlsen has studied sport sciences as well as circus arts and has 22 years experience teaching acrobatics, gymnastics, and dance. Currently teaching aerial at the performing arts school Die Etage in Berlin.

Ben Brown

Gemma Watson

For the aerial hoop lovers. This is the moment to improve your level, to enjoy the spinning and play with dynamic exercises.
Strength, balance and coordination are necessaries to join this workshop.

Lisa Rinne
– Swinging Trapeze

You are already training swinging trapeze or have advanced aerial skills and want to try a new thrilling discipline?
Then let’s develop your technique or introduce you to the rhythm and challenges of a swinging prop!
Based on your individual level we will work together on the efficiency of your tempo and try tricks you’ve always wanted to do. Newcomers will adapt their existing skills to the reality of Swinging Trapeze and develop a first insight in this often seen but little known technique.
It definitely makes sense to follow more than one workshop if you want more than just a little thrill.

Swinging Trapeze (length: 3,60 m; weights of 4,5 kg on each side) and safety line including adaptable belts will be provided. If you have your own safety belt, twisting belt and/or Swinging Trapeze and want to work with it, please bring it and let me know before, so we can organize the workshop accordingly 😉
If you have trapeze boots/guêtres/Gamaschen, please bring them!!!

Josa Kölbel and Bellina Soerensson

Dear trapeze duos, are you working with your partner already for a while and have you accumulated some basic experiences?
Then you might be interested to join our workshop for double trapeze!
We will profit from our eight years work together to adapt to your individual level and help you to make progress in the techniques you are working on or to give you new material and input! This is to open up your horizon of intermediate to advanced catcher-flyer work, dynamic fix and swing techniques…
Including guided specific warm-up, training in basics and specific techniques.

Carmen Küster
– Single Point Trapeze

The aim of this workshop is to explore the single point trapeze with its special characteristics and dynamics. Move and let yourself be moved by the apparatus. We will warm up basic spins and swings to continue with choreographed sequences and creative improvisational tasks, dancing with the object as your partner, understanding the work with the dance trapeze more as a duet than a solo performance.
For advanced aerialists. Please come already warmed up and ready to start aerial work immediately.

Laura Coll
– LCT physical training method with silks training – CLASS IS FULLY BOOKED!

The LCT method is pushing towards a total body workout, working every muscle of the body, thus respecting the natural balance of the body, as well as developing a muscular and joint flexibility, necessary for achieving a healthy body. The LCT method was developed by Laura Coll, and is the result of long and diversified experience of over 20 years in gymnastics, classic dance, contemporary dance, yoga, and acrobatics.
The LCT method is a great way to get in shape, regain the body’s natural posture and flexibility, as well as developing a consciousness toward one’s body.
For Aerial training we work climbs, figures, slides, and drops.

Isabelle Schuster

Find your way to make the technique yours.
Going through some silk technique, playing with it in order to make your own tricks.

Yam Doyev
– Straps
– Silks with straps technique – CLASS IS FULLY BOOKED!

This class is for students who have already some basic abilities of strength and technique as the straps is one of the hardest aerial disciplines and requires good control of the body. In this class we will cover all the basics on straps incl. all planches, crucifix roll ups, muscles ups, switches, leg lifts and so on. The workshop will help you to understand clearer technique on straps and how to work in a healthy environment to avoid any injuries and discomfort. Suitable for people with fairly good aerial abilities and flexibility. If you are advanced on straps, you can join the straps class and I will teach each person individually.

Silks with straps technique
Always wanted to be able to transfer some straps moves to your work on silks? Then this workshop is for you! In this session you will learn the elements from the straps work that can be transferred into silks including all planches, switches, crucifix roll ups, stomach roll ups and so on. Suitable for strong students on silks. Session will take place on straps as well as on silks.

Oskar Mauricio
– Acrobatic Silks – only advanced people – CLASS IS FULLY BOOKED!

In this workshops we will respect certain basic principles of the aerial work: the suspension, the total elevation in extension, inversion, elongation, rotation and position. Through the technical exploration of the “tempo” and fluidity of it, we get go to places where every part of our body usually happens without realizing it is in constant activity.
We will work deeply in the awareness of the engine who drives the movement, the body will be able to adapt and work in an appropriate way in the course of these movements, free of pains, at difference of the muscle work.
We have been forgotten as aerial artists in the importance of simplicity and the whole journey that explores our body and mind of being suspended, either in favor of an exercise, transition or a simple climb.

Stephanie N’Duhirahe

Taking your usual material on the rope, we will look at pushing it further, developing its depth and scope through structured research that focuses on your own interests. We will look at ascending without just climbing up. We will also spend some time working with integrating the movement of two people on the same rope.

Jens and Kiki
– Fangstuhl – cadre – cradle

25 Years of experience.

The smallest version of flying and the ugliest name in german: Fangstuhl = catch chair.
Basics for beginners, swinging and tricks for advanced duos.

Francesca Hyde and Lucie N’Duhirahe
– Double Static Cloud Swing – CLASS IS FULLY BOOKED!

Solo and duo work on static cloud swing.
During this workshop we will explore the double cloud swing aerial technique. The idea is to explore the basic movements and reflexes of the rope at first in order to get comfortable to create our own movements. We will also do some partner work, flying and catching. We will look at different ways to create physical material and share ideas on how we can transfer other technique onto the clouds.

Roxana Küwen
– Solo Trapeze

This trapeze workshop’s focus is creative research. Improvisation exercises, guided movement creation and games will complement each other and invite everyone to discover new qualities of movement and of artistic interpretation.